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Committees and Chairs

PTF is made up of many Committees that work throughout the school year and beyond. Through their work, the Committees, headed by a Chair, help to raise money for PTF, support our teachers & staff, sponsor academic events for students, and so much more. PTF is always looking for volunteers - check out our volunteer page or reach out to us today

Bears Dine Out

Chair: Pamela Fiddler

Teaming with local restaurants, BCS puts together family restaurant days and nights several times a year. On designated days, BCS receives a portion of the food sales to help support the school. Bears Dine Out events are frequently centered around school activities such as Back to School night. 

Book Fair

Chair: Nicole Willard

BCS holds two Scholastic Book Fairs each year - one in the fall and one in the spring. From set up to clean up, and everything in between, the Chair and Committee stay busy while helping earn money for BCS. 


The Chaplain for the PTF prays over all the officers and chairs throughout the year at meetings.

La Juanda Hanna

Community Events


The Community Events Chair helps to identify and organize community and campus events throughout the year. Some past events include Family Skate Night, Family Night at Dell Diamond, End of Year Bowling Party, and more. 


Co-Chair (Fall): Sarah Cabiya
Co-Chair (Winter/Spring): OPEN POSITION

PTF handles Concessions for all athletic home events, as well as select tournaments, invitationals, and other PTF and campus events. Our Chair is responsible for making sure Concessions is staffed by volunteers, deciding on what items to provide, and ensuring we have items stocked for all events. All events also require set up, tear down, and clean up.  

Fall Festival 

Chair: Vernis McGill
Co-Chair Sponsorships: Patricia Davis
Co-Chair Booths: OPEN POSITION
Co-Chair Marketing: OPEN POSITION

Led by a Chair and supported by four Co-Chairs, the Fall Festival is a huge fundraising event for BCS. Comprised of game booths, outdoor activities, cakewalk, concessions, and more, the Chairs and Co-Chairs gather sponsors, sell tickets, set up, break down, and work to make the festival PTF's largest fundraiser. 


Chair: Ann Pitts

PTF participates in several fundraisers each year, such as poinsettia sales at Christmas and flower sales in the spring. We are always looking for new and exciting fundraising opportunities, and our Chair helps to seek out, organize, and implement these events. 

High School Liaison

Elizabeth Castillo
Greg Sephar

Our High School Liaisons play an important role to connect our high schools students' needs with the causes and events sponsored by PTF. The Liaisons work with the high school community to provide service opportunities to the students, while helping PTF fill volunteer positions. The Liaisons also help to identify areas where the high school may need support, such as fundraisers, and coordinate with the PTF to find events to fill in the gaps.

Homeroom Parent Liaison

Marilyn Maxey

Homeroom parents play a vital role in our elementary classrooms all year long.  From organizing parties to collecting donations for teacher gifts, and creating art pieces for the Partnership Dinner, the Liaison provides structure and guidance to help parents help our teachers. 

Math Pentathlon

Co-Chair: Karen Sheth

Co-Chair: Rachel Moorhead

BCS participates in an annual math pentathlon tournament each spring, competing against other local schools. Working with coaches and parents, our K-7 Mathletes work and practice all year long to learn fun math games that sharpen their skills and build their confidence. Our Chairs coordinate practices, coaches, volunteers, and the big spring tournament.

Middle School Liaison

Olga Clements

Gloria McGowan

This position is the same as our High School Liaison, except for our middle school. The Liaisons work with the High School Liaisons to coordinate as many events as possible and act as a go between for PTF and the Middle School community.

New Family Liaison

Juli Jennings

New BCS families and parents always have questions or didn't know they needed to know something until after the fact. Our New Family Liaison works with new families as a point of contact for all things BCS. Knowing how many uniforms kids really need, to what a birthday book is, our Liaison helps parents navitage through their new year at BCS and help them become well-informed and feel at ease in our community.  


Chair (Brentwood): Sarah Henderson

Chair (District): Open Position

Inspiring student achievement through academic competition, PSIA allows students to compete against others in the school, district, and state in different events. Our Brentwood Chair assists the BCS staff representative with student participation, coaching, and parent questions. The PSIA district meet is held at Brentwood, and the District Chair assists PTF with planning of the event and ensures it runs smoothly the day of the event.

School Supply Packs

Chair: Susan Gonzales

Each year, BCS works with a vendor to put together school supply packs that include all of the required supplies for each grade. The Chair works to get the packs established, advertised, and distributed before school starts. They also handle all questions and inquiries regarding orders.


Chair: Rhonda Washington

Our Signage Chair is responsible for setting up and later removing our monthly PTF signs. These signs are placed around campus to remind parents and staff about monthly PTF meetings. The Chair also handles any other signs needed for PTF events throughout the year.

Spelling Bee

Chair: Jane Humphrey

BCS participates in the Scripps Spelling Bee each year. The Spelling Bee Chair and committee work to organize grade level spelling bee tests that result in a school-wide spelling bee. The elementary and middle school students then compete in front of the school to become the top BCS speller. The top performers receive school trophies and the winner moves on to the Texas regional bee, hopefully advancing to state and nationals.  

Staff Appreciation 

Chair: Tasha Lopez

Two times a year, we celebrate our teachers and staff by providing a catered luncheon. The Chair helps to organize a well-deserved special day for our staff each fall and spring. Using donations from our homeroom parents as well as membership fees, we decorate and feed and pamper our teachers and staff for an afternoon. Our Chair also organizes a week of special events each May for National Teacher Appreciation week. 

Uniform Resale

Chair: Anna Treadwell

Uniform Resale is our 2nd largest PTF fundraiser. Held twice a year, and sometimes more, we organize an event to allow parents to sell their used uniforms and BCS items that are no longer needed. This helps parents make money on unneeded items while budgeting for new uniforms. This is a very popular event and widely attended each year. 

VIP Service Needs

Chair: Rose Valladares

There is always something going on around the BCS campus and volunteers are always needed. Our VIP Service Needs Chair helps our other Chairs, as well as teachers and staff, put the call out when volunteers are needed. This makes it easy for parents to earn VIP hours and to get involved in various activities around school.

Workroom Hospitality

Chair: Taylor Brown

To make sure our teachers and staff know they are appreciated all year long, we provide them with special treats and snacks in their workrooms. The Workroom/Staff Hospitality Chair helps to deliver and set up goodies each month in the various workrooms around campus.


Chair: Nicole Immer

Our Yearbook Chair helps organize all of our elementary and secondary yearbooks when the are received each spring, as well as the delivery to the students. Any yearbook signing days are also handled by the Chair. Questions and/or yearbook issues are also the responsibility of the Chair.

Young Author Contest

Chair: Chrissy Kuczynski

Each fall, our elementary students put on their imagination caps, get creative, and become young authors. They create stories, comics, and even brochures, both written and illustrated. The submissions are later judged by a panel of volunteer judges, and awards are given to the best author in each category. The Young Author Chair helps make all of this possible.

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